Where others try to destroy the street racing culture, Street Warriorz celebrates it. Our events highlight all aspects of the culture but off the streets. Roll racing, drag racing, car shows, burnout contest, 2-step contest, live DJs can all be enjoyed off public property in a safe and controlled facility. No big payouts, no class racing, just good ole fashion fun runs in your streetcars. It doesn’t matter if you have 5000hp or 5hp, you can race your friends or strangers from the safety of a drag strip or chill with family and friends while watching the races from the safety of the stands.

Our culture is to be embraced, not disgraced. Come vibe with us at a venue near you!


Up Coming Events

  • Street Warriorz Versus – North Carolina Vs Everybody

    Saturday, October 23-5:00 pm 11:59 pm

    GET YOUR TICKETS HERE: https://tickets.thefoat.com/…/IRRA…/tickets/event-38681/ The best of the IRRA from Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennslyvania are coming to North Carolina to see who is the best of the best! Roll Racing, Drag Racin...